Oscar Directors: Most Nominated Filmmakers

The three most nominated filmmakers in Oscar’s history are Billy Wilder, Woody Allen, and Martin Scorsese.

All of these filmmakers were nominated (and won) for the Best Director Oscar, as well as Best Screenplay and Best Picture (as producers).

Billy Wilder held the record for many years with 12 nomination (in various categories).

Woody Allen surpassed that record in 1997, when he was nominated for the 13th time for Best Screenplay (Original), for Deconstructing Harry.

At present, Scorsese is the most nominated living director, boasting 8 Best Directors nominations (and one win), followed by Spielberg (7 nominations, 2 wins) and Woody Allen (7 nominations, one win).

Overall, William Wyler is the most nominated director, 12 times, winning twice.