1 Oscar Directors: A to Z (Winners and Nominees), 1927-Present

Research in Progress: Oct 27, 2021 (latest)

Over the past 93 years, 241 filmmakers have been nominated for the Best Director Oscar.  This Hollywood elite is composed of 170 nominees and 71 winners.

Many of the 70 winners have won multiple Oscar Awards and nominations.

Several of the 171 nominees have also been multiple candidates.

Except for the first year, in which two Best Directors were given (one for comedy, the other for drama), each year the category of Best Director has consisted of five nominees.

In theory, the directors are nominated regardless of genre, nationality, and the language in which their films were made.

In practice, however, this category is dominated by U.S. born filmmakers, who are nominated for English-speaking films.

Even foreign directors, such as Italian Bernardo Bertolucci, have been nominated (Last Tango in Paris, 1973) and have won (The Last Emperor, in 1987) for English-speaking films that are largely backed by American financing.

Below please find a list of all Oscar nominated directors, from the beginning to the present, by alphabetical order.


Oscar Nominated Directors (A-Z)

A (12)

Abrahamson, Lenny

Allen, Woody

Almodovar, Pedro (Spanish, for Spanish film)

Altman, Robert

Anderson, Michael

Anderson, Paul Thomas

Anderson, Wes

Antonioni, Michelangelo (Italian for English-speaking film)

Aronofsky, Darren

Ashby, Hal

Attenborough, Richard

Avildsen, John G.


B (21)

Babenco, Hector (Argentinean-Brazilian for English-speaking)

Barrymore, Lionel

Beatty, Warren

Beaumont, Harry

Benigni, Roberto (Italian for Italian film)

Benton Robert

Beresford, Bruce

Bergman, Ingmar (Swedish for Swedish)

Bertolucci, Bernardo (Italian for English)

Bigelow, Kathryn

Bogdanovich, Peter

Bong, Joon-ho  (Korean for Korean film)

Boorman, John

Borzage, Frank

Branagh, Kenneth

Brenon, Herbert

Brest, Martin

Brooks, James L.

Brooks, Richard

Brown, Clarence

Bush, Richard


C (23 directors)

Cacoyannis, Michael (Greek for English-speaking)

Cameron, James

Campion, Jane

Capra, Frank

Cardiff, Jack

Cassavetes, John

Cattaneo, Peter

Chaplin, Charles

Chazelle, Damien

Chung, Isaac Lee (Minari

Cimino, Michael

Clayton, Jack

Clooney, George

Coen, Ethan

Coen, Joel

Coppola, Francis Ford

Coppola, Sofia

Costner, Kevin

Crichton, Michael

Cuaron, Alfonso (Mexican for both English and Mexican)

Cukor, George

Cummings, Irving

Curtiz, Michael


D (8)

Daldry, Stephen

Daniels, Lee

Dassin, Jules

Del Toro, Guillermo (Mexican for English-speaking)

DeMille, Cecil B.

Demme, Jonathan

Dieterle, William

Dmytryk, Edward


E (2)

Eastwood, Clint

Egoyan, Atom


F (13 directors)

Farrow, John

Fellini, Federico (Italian for Italian)

Fennell, Emerald

Figgis, Mike

Fincher, David

Fleming, Victor

Ford, John

Forman, Milos (Czech for English-speaking)

Forster, Marc

Fosse, Bob

Franklin, Sidney

Frears, Stephen

Friedkin, William


G (7)

Gavras-Costa (Greek-French for French)

Germi, Pietro (Italian for Italian)

Gerwig, Greta

Gibson, Mel

Gilroy, Tony

Glenville, Peter

Greengrass, Paul


H (18)

Hackford, Taylor

Haggis, Paul

Hall, Alexander

Hallstrom, Lasse (Swedish for Swedish and English)

Haneke, Michael

Hanson, Curtis

Harvey, Anthony

Hathaway, Henry

Hawks, Howard

Henry, Buck (co-director. Heaven Can Wait)

Hicks, Scott

Hill, George Roy

Hiller, Arthur

Hitchcock, Alfred

Hooper, Tom

Howard, Ron

Hudson, Hugh

Huston, John


I (1)

Ivory, James


J (6)

Jackson, Peter

Jaffe, Roland

Jenkins, Barry

Jewison, Norman

Jonze, Spike

Jordan, Neil


K (7)

Kazan, Elia

Kieslowski, Krzystof (Polish for Polish)

King, Henry

Koster, Henry

Kramer, Stanley

Kubrick, Stanley

Kurosawa, Akira (Japanese for Japanese)


L (21)

La Cava, Gregory

Lang, Walter

Lanthymos, Yorgos (Greek for English)

Lean, David

Lee, Spike

Lee, Ang (Taiwan for English)

Leigh, Mike

Lelouch, Claude (French for French)

Leonard, Robert Z.

LeRoy, Mervyn

Levinson, Barry

Linklater, Richard

Litvak, Anatole

Lloyd, Frank

Logan, Joshua

Lonergan, Kenneth

Lubitsch, Ernst

Lucas, George

Lumet, Sidney

Lynch, David

Lyne, Adrian


M (20)

McCarey, Leo

McCarthy, Tom

McKay, Adam

McQueen, Steve

Madden, John

Malick, Terrence

Malle, Louis (French for English)

Mankiewicz, Joseph L.

Mann, Delbert

Mann, Michael

Marshall, Rob

Mendes, Sam

Mereilles, Fernando (Brazilian for Brazilian)

Milestone, Lewis

Miller, Bennett

Miller, George

Minghella, Anthony

Minnelli, Vincente

Molinaro, Eduard (French for French)

Mulligan, Robert


N (4)

Negulesco, Jean

Nichols, Mike

Nolan, Christopher

Noonan, Chris


O (1)

Olivier, Laurence


P (13)

Pakula, Alan J.

Parker, Alan

Paulikowski, Pawell (Polish for Polish)

Payne, Alexander

Peele, Jordan

Penn, Arthur

Perry, Frank

Peterssen, Wolfgang (German foir German)

Phillips, Todd

Polanski, Roman (Polish for English)

Pollack, Sydney

Pontecorvio, Gillo (Italian for foreign and documentary!)

Preminger, Otto


R (16)

Radford, Michael

Redford, Robert

Reed, Carol

Reitman, Jason

Renoir, Jean (French for English)

Richardson, Tony

Ritt, Martin

Robbins, Jerome

Robbins, Tim

Robson, Mark

Ross, Herbert

Rossen, Robert

Ruggles, Wesley

Russell, Ken

Russell, David O.

Rydell, Mark


S (19)

Schafflner, Franklin

Schertzinger, Victor

Schlesinger, John

Schnabel, Julian

Schroeder, Barbet (French for Engish)

Scorsese, Martin

Scott, Ridley

Seaton, George

Sheridan, Jim

Shyamalan, M. Night

Singleton, John

Siodmak, Robert (German for English)

Soderbergh, Steven

Spielberg, Steven

Sternberg, Josef von (German for English)

Stevens, George

Stevenson, Robert

Stone, Oliver

Sturges, John


T (7)

Tarantino, Quentin

Taurog, Norman

Teshigahara, Hiroshi (Japanese for Japanese)

Thompson, Lee J.

Troell, Jan (Swedish for Swedish)

Truffaut, Francois (French for French)

Tyldun, Morten




V (4)

Van Dyke, W. S.

Van Sant, Gus

Vidor, King

Villeneuve, Denis


W (10)

Walters, Charles

Weir, Peter

Welles, Orson

Wellman, William A.

Wertmueller, Lina (Italian for Italian)

Wilde, Ted

Wilder, Billy

Wise, Robert

Wood, Sam

Wyler, William



Yates, Peter


Z (5)

Zeffirelli, Franco (Italian for English)

Zeitlin, Benh

Zemeckis, Robert

Zhao, Chloe (Nomadland, 2021)

Zinnemann, Fred