Oscar Actors: Johns, Glynis

Born October 5, 1923 in Pretoria, South Africa. A husky-voiced, sexy actress of the British stage and screen.

The daughter of Mervyn Johns, Glynis made her London stage debut at 12 and her first film appearance at 15. She gradually moved on from impish schoolgirl and naughty ingnue roles to leading lady parts, attracting a following among filmgoers thanks to her bright personality, alluring prettiness, and the unique quality of her voice. Especially adept at comedy roles, she began appearing in Hollywood films in the mid50s and in 1963 starred in her own U.S. TV series “Glynis.”

A familiar face on the New York stage since the early 1950s, she scored a hit and won a Tony for her performance in the 1973 Broadway production of “A Little Night Music.”

She was nominated for an Oscar as supporting actress for Fred Zinnemann's period piece, “The Sundowners”(1960).

Oscar Alert

In 1960, Johns competed for the Supporting Actress Oscar with Shirley Jones (who won) in “Elmer Gantry,” Shirley Knight in “Dark at the Top of the Stairs,” Janet Leigh in “Psycho,” and Mary Ure in “Sons and Lovers.”