Oscar Actors: Hoskins, Bob

In 1986, the British actor Bob Hoskins received a Best Actor nomination for Neil Jordan's crime melodrama, “Mona Lisa,” in which he played a London mobster, loyal to his boss (Michael Caine), who gets involved in the life of a high-priced prostitute Simone (Cathy Tyson, niece of actress Cycley Tyson), while serving as her chauffeur, driving her from one assignation to anotheruntil he discovers her sexual orientation.

The Oscar nomination followed kudos that Hoskins received at the Cannes Film Fest, where “Mona Lisa” world-premiered in the Competition to high acclaim.

In 1986, Hoskins competed for the Best Actor Oscar with Paul Newman, who finally won the award for Scorsese's “The Color of Money,” Dexter Gordon in “Round Midnight,” William Hurt in “Children of a Lesser God,” and James Woods in Oliver Stone's Salvador.”