Oscar 2017: Academy’s New Board of Directors

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has elected a new Board of Governors.

Among those newly elected are Whoopi Goldberg (Actors Branch), Kimberly Peirce (Directors Branch) and Larry Karaszewski (Writers Branch).

Goldberg beat out fellow actors Geena Davis, Edward James Olmos and Rita Wilson for her spot. Peirce toppled Donald M. Petrie, while Karaszewski beat Aline Brosh McKenna, John Ridley and Dana Stevens.

In all, nine women were elected or re-elected to the Board.

Those elected to the Board for the first time are:

Whoopi Goldberg, Actors Branch
Mandy Walker, Cinematographers Branch
Isis Mussenden, Costume Designers Branch
Wynn P. Thomas, Designers Branch
Kimberly Peirce, Directors Branch
David Linde, Executives Branch
Christina Kounelias, Public Relations Branch
Thomas R. Sito, Short Films and Feature Animation Branch
Teri E. Dorman, Sound Branch
Larry Karaszewski, Writers Branch

Incumbent governors reelected to the Board include:

Lora Kennedy, Casting Directors Branch
Kate Amend, Documentary Branch
Michael Tronick, Film Editors Branch
Kathryn L. Blondell, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch
Charles Bernstein, Music Branch
Albert Berger, Producers Branch

Returning to the Board after hiatus is: Richard Edlund, Visual Effects Branch

Next month, the Academy will elect a new president, as Isaacs steps down after four-year tenure.

The Academy is divided into 17 branches, each of which is represented with three seats on the board. There also are three seats on the board for governors who are appointed by the president, for unspecified period of time, to represent diversity.

All but the diversity governors are elected to three-year terms, which are staggered so that only one seat from each branch is subject to election in any given year. Each governor is chosen through a vote by the rank-and-file members of the applicable branch.

This year, the final round of voting began on Monday, June 19, and ended on Friday, June 23.

The new board is comprised of 33 men and an unprecedented 21 women (about 40 percent).