Oscar 2006: Golden Globes on Jan. 15

The Hollywood Foreign Press has announced its schedule for the 64th Golden Globe Awards, which NBC will air on Monday, Jan. 15, from the Beverly Hilton.

Key dates

Oct. 19: Final screening date for TV entries.

Nov. 10: Golden Globe entry forms due.

Nov. 15, 9 a.m.: Cecil B. DeMille and Miss Golden Globe announcement.

Dec. 1: Deadline for nomination ballots to be mailed by Ernst & Young to HFPA members.

Dec. 6: Final screening date for films.

Dec. 11: Nomination ballots due.

Dec. 14, 5 a.m.: Nominations announced.

Dec. 26: Final ballots mailed to HFPA members.

Jan. 10: Final ballots due.

The Golden Globes ceremonies are expected to be viewed in more than 150 countries worldwide.