Oscar 1973: Best Picture Nominees, Winners of the Oscars, Golden Globes, Critics, and Festival Awards

Oscar 1973: Best Picture Nominees

American Graffiti, 5 nominations, no Oscars
Cries and Whispers, 5, 1
Exorcist, The, 10, 2
Sting, The 10, 7 (winner)
Touch of Class, A, 5, 1


N.Y. Film Critics Circle: Day for Night

National Society of Film Critics: Day for Night

National Board of Review: The Sting; Cries and Whispers

British Awards: Day for Night

Golden Globes: The Exorcist (Drama); American Graffiti (Comedy/Musical)

Cannes Festival: Tie Scarecrow (US, J. Schatsberg); The Hireling (UK, A. Bridges)

Berlin Festival: Distant Thunder (India, S. Ray)