Oscar: The Godfather–Pacino, Lead or Supporting Actor

Marlon Brando won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in The Godfather, but turned down the Oscar, becoming the second actor to  refuse the Best Actor award; the first was George C. Scott for Patton, in 1970.

Brando boycotted the Oscar ceremony, sending instead American Indian Rights activist Sacheen Littlefeather, who appeared in full Apache dress, to state Brando’s reasons, which were based on his objection to the depiction of American Indians by Hollywood and television.

Pacino: Lead or Supporting

Pacino also boycotted the Academy Award ceremony, as he was insulted at being nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award, noting that he had more screen time than his co-star and Best Actor winner Brando. Pacino and many others believed that he should have received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

Pacino received a well deserved Best Actor nomination for The Godfather Part II, in 1974