Train Man: Julia Roberts as Real-Life Lawyer of Darius McCollum

Julia Roberts will star in Train Man, a courtroom drama about a real-life New York folk hero.

Roberts would play a lawyer tasked with defending Darius McCollum, the criminal (and Internet celebrity) known for impersonating public transit authorities in order to drive away subway trains and Greyhound buses. McCollum, who is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, has been arrested more than 25 times for such crimes.

Roberts’ character would be his most recent lawyer, and his previous heists (starting at age 15) are shown throughout the film via flashbacks.

McCollum’s story has been told in numerous newspaper articles and a documentary.  Those who have read the script by Simon Stephenson (of the U.K. series “Eleventh Hour”) say that it’s a meaty role for Roberts, along the lines of her Oscar-winning portrait in 2000’s “Erin Brockovich.”

The film is being produced by Gotham Group. Roberts could also potentially be a producer.  FilmNation Entertainment will be financing the film. A director has not been hired.

Roberts has two movies in 2016: “Money Monster,” directed by Jodie Foster, and “Mother’s Day” from Garry Marshall.