Regression: Amenabar’s New Thriller

Nov 21, 2013–Bob and Harvey Weinstein announced that they have preemptively signed on to distribute the upcoming thriller REGRESSION in the United States. The film, written and to be directed by auteur Alejandro Amenabar, will star Ethan Hawke (THE PURGE, BEFORE MIDNIGHT) and be released under the new moniker TWC-Dimension in 2015. REGRESSION sees the return of Amenabar to the thriller genre, where he and Dimension previously had great success with THE OTHERS, which grossed over $200 million worldwide and starred Nicole Kidman.

The storyline is being kept under wraps, but producer Fernando Bovaira said, “Alejandro plays in ‘REGRESSION with our deepest primal fears to make us feel once again both profoundly human and extremely vulnerable.”

Commented Co-Chairman, TWC & Dimension Films’ Bob Weinstein: “One of the most rewarding experiences of my career was working with Alejandro Amenabar and Fernando Bovaira on THE OTHERS, and I’m excited to continue the relationship all these years later with REGRESSION. It’s one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a while and Alejandro is one of the most talented filmmakers across all genres.”

Said Alejandro Amenabar, “REGRESSION means for me coming back to my passion, genre filmmaking, and it’s a great pleasure to have on board Bob and Harvey, who so passionately supported THE OTHERS.”


REGRESSION marks the fourth planned release under TWC-Dimension, which has Bob and Harvey teaming up in acquiring, developing, producing and distributing films for which they both share a common passion. Other titles under the label so far include PADDINGTON BEAR, MURDER MYSTERY, and PASSENGERS. Although the Weinstein brothers have built their company working side by side, they have been primarily responsible for their own labels, with Harvey focusing on TWC and Bob on Dimension Films. TWC-Dimension will allow for the two to join forces and combine some of the core prestigious sensibilities of a TWC film with the mainstream sensibilities of a Dimension film. The new moniker will further be used to expand and develop future franchises allowing collaborations with respected and emerging filmmakers and talent on productions and acquisitions of all budget ranges.


Matthew Signer, SVP, Production and Creative Affairs, and Keith Levine, VP, Production, will liaise with the filmmakers for the studio.  The deal for REGRESSION was negotiated by COO David Glasser and EVP, Business/Legal Affairs & Acquisitions Michal Steinberg for TWC with CAA on behalf of the filmmakers.