Lucky Luciano: Crash's Bobby Moresco to Write

August 13, 2008–Bobby Moresco (“Crash”) has been hired by producer Joseph Isgro to write a film about organized crime figure Charlie “Lucky” Luciano. Isgro, a former independent record promoter who was once accused but cleared of ties to the Gambino clan, is assembling the financing for the $35 million budget and will produce through his Full Force Productions label.

There's been a race to make a film about Luciano's rise from Lower East Side street hood to architect of the organized crime syndicate. Another project in the works is being bankrolled by concert and sports promoter Frank J. Russo, with a script by Joe Cortese.

Isgro said his project benefits by having rights and input from a true “guy behind the guy” figure, a longtime Luciano confidante Isgro wouldn't name. Extensive interviews and research have been turned over to Moresco.

A big part of the story is how the government put Luciano away on a 30-year stretch for pimping and pandering and then leveraged his cooperation in America's WWII efforts with the promise of a pardon. Moresco said that Luciano used his mob clout on the New York docks to root out spies whose reports of ship movement to Nazi U-boats led to the sinking of more than 250 ships. Luciano also arranged for safe passage when troops landed in Sicily.

Isgro, who was exec producer of “Hoffa,” is transitioning from music to film and said he has several other percolating pic projects.

Moresco is working on several projects, including the “Crash” TV series for Lionsgate and Starz and a film about Whitewater figure Susan McDougal.