Hollywood 2018: Pete Davidson’s Instagram–I Don’t Want to be on This Earth….

December 15, 2018–“Saturday Night Live” cast member Pete Davidson posted a disturbing message Saturday morning stating, “I don’t want to be on this earth anymore,” then deleted his Instagram account.

In the post, Davidson wrote, “I’m doing my best to stay here for you but i actually don’t know how much longer i can last. all i’ve ever tried to do was help people. just remember i told you so.” See an image of the message below.

NBC confirmed to the NYPD that Davidson is accounted for and is at work at 30 Rockefeller, according to the N.Y. Times.

Before his account was deleted, fans and followers had posted messages of support and love, though some commenters urged the star to go through with it.

Davidson has been open about his diagnosis with borderline personality disorder (BPD).

An hour earlier, he had shared a message on the platform praising Kanye West for speaking out about mental health.