Four Weddings and a Funeral: Hulu’s Miniseries Kicks Off with Mini-Sequel

A few months before Hulu’s debut its miniseries, Four Weddings and a Funeral, the cast of the 1994 romantic comedy reunited to offer a “mini-sequel” on the annual Red Nose Day fundraiser on NBC.

Joining returning stars Hugh Grant, Andie McDowell, Kristin Scott Thomas and Rowan Atkinson, actresses Lily James and Alicia Vikander and singer Sam Smith rounded out the “mini-sequel,” titled One Red Nose Day and a Wedding.

Richard Curtis, the writer of the original film and one of the co-founders of Red Nose Day, penned the sketch.

During the sketch, James and Vikander’s character are shown getting married with Atkinson’s character from the original film, Father Gerald, officiating.

“Very red lip,” James says after first seeing Vikander in her tuxedo. “It’s Red Nose Day,” Vikander quipped.

“Husband and wife used to be the only people to know the grace of God, but now often it’s wife and wife as is the case to them,” Atkinson’s Father Gerald says.

While exchanging vows, James and Vikander both recall developing feelings after holding hands and sharing a kiss.

“One day you kissed me and my life changed,” James says, while Vikander pokes fun at her mom. “We spent 10 years together in the same school uniform and one day I held your hand and something changed. All I can say is thank God we weren’t related as all my mother’s friends are.”

After the wedding concludes, Grant’s Charles asks McDowell’s Carrie: “Maybe I should’ve asked you to marry me. Why didn’t I?”

Red Nose Day 2019 featured performances by Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Josh Groban, Sting and John Legend, in addition to sketches including Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che, Colin Jost and Kate McKinnon.

There are also bits by comedian Lilly Singh, and appearances by Julia Roberts, Connie Britton, Terry Crews, Carey Mulligan, Ben Stiller, Saiorse Ronan and more.

The nonprofit Comic Relief, USA runs the annual fundraising event, which started in the U.S. in 2015 with the goal of ending childhood poverty.

The American organization has raised $150 million to date.