Falling: Viggo Mortensen’s Directing Debut

Oscar nominated actor Viggo Mortensen will write, star, and make his directorial debut in Falling, an intergenerational story of a son’s relationship and culture clash with his aging and conservative father.

Mortensen wrote the screenplay and will play one of the two leading roles.

The cast also includes Lance Henriksen and Sverrir Gudnason (“The Girl in the Spider’s Web”).

Falling is produced by Daniel Bekerman of Scythia Films and Mortensen.  The actor had previously produced “Everyone Has a Plan,” “Far From Men,” and “Jauja” through Perceval Pictures.

Mortensen will portray a man who lives with his male partner and their adopted daughter in Southern California.

Henriksen will play an ultra-traditional farmer father, who travels to Los Angeles for a lengthy stay with his family, searching for a retirement place.