Chavez: Oliver Stone's Next Documentary

Dec 10, 2008–Oliver Stone will follow up his Bush biopic “W.” with a documentary about Venezuela's controversial President Hugo Chavez. Stone has been working on the untitled docu for six months and is hoping to have it ready for next year.

Stone was with Chavez in February during the dramatic rescue of hostages that Chavez helped to broker from the militant Columbian FARC group. The docu will focus on the opposition Chavez has faced at home and abroad, especially from the Bush administration, which has been vocal in its criticism of Venezuela's president.

Stone is also working on a second docu, details of which he is keeping under wraps. He did, however, deny rumors that he's planning to make a film about Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. There have been reports in recent months that Ahmadinejad had authorized Stone to come to Iran.

Stone's previous docus include “Comandante,” about Cuban President Fidel Castro, and “Persona Non Grata,” which began as a project about Yasser Arafat but eventually became a wider-reaching primer on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, after interviewing the now-dead Arafat proved an impossible task.

Stone's “W.” is the opening-night film at the Dubai Film Festival today. “Bush met his fate and destiny in the Middle East, and his policies changed something in the region,” said Stone in a reference to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I hope the film can help the Arab world understand him better and show them something more then they already knew.” Stone attended the Dubai fest in 2006 with his 9/11 drama “World Trade Center.”