Bullet Train: Actioner Starring Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock 

'Bullet Train' Movie is Switching Gears with Sandra Bullock to Star

(Photo: Getty Images)

Filming on the action flick Bullet Train finished last year, with Lady Gaga attached at the time. It was just recently announced that Gaga stepped away from the picture, with Sandra Bullock stepping in.

The action movie Bullet Train revolves around five assassins aboard a bullet train.

The film is based on Kotaro Isaka‘s 2010 novel Maria Beetle, which is also the name of the character Bullock will be playing. Beetle is not one of the assassins but a handler for Brad Pitt‘s character Ladybug, his killer-for-hire code name.

The story is set in Tokyo, Japan, where the assassins realize their individual missions are connected. While they may be tied to each other in some way, their motives are deemed different.

In the book’s description, it says the five killers are competing for a suitcase full of money.

In addition to Bullock and Pitt, you can also look for Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Andrew Koji, Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry, Michael Shannon, Hiroyuki Sanada and Benito A. Martinez Ocasio.

There’s no word on which actors will be playing the four other assassins, but the movie will be hitting theaters in April 2022.