Black & Blue: Directed by Nat (The Birth of a Nation) Parker

Nate Parker, the filmmaker whose film The Birth of a Nation was derailed by news of a college rape trial, has another feature to direct.

Parker will helm Black & Blue, a drama about Los Angeles Police Department hero Ralph Waddy.

The picture is his first feature since Birth of a Nation, which was a critical hit during its debut at Sundance, only to garner negative attention due to Parker’s involvement in a 1999 rape case and the suicide of the woman who alleged Parker and Birth of a Nation co-writer Jean Celestin assaulted her.

Parker stepped back after the November 2016 release by Fox Searchlight of his directorial debut. Parker will direct Black & Blue after rewriting a script by Jim McGrath.

Waddy worked on high-profile crime cases during a racially-charged period in Los Angeles, including the Watts riots.