When Jim Jarmusch Meets Man Ray: Return to Reason’s 100th Anniversary (Cannes Calassics 2023)

When Jim Jarmusch Meets Man Ray

Event : the four films of painter, photographer and director Man Ray have just been restored.

Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan, from the group Sqürl, have brought them together into a single artistic object and composed the soundtrack. An ocular, sonic and musical shock.        

Return to Reason
Le Retour à la raison
Man Ray
1h10, France 

Produced by Womanray (Marieke Tricoire) and Cinenovo (Julie Viez). Films directed by Man Ray.

Music composed and performed by Sqürl (Jim Jarmusch et Carter Logan).

In 1923, Man Ray improvises his first film. This movie, boldly surrealist, is called Le Retour à la raison.

Subsequently, he renews the experience with Emak Bakia in 1926, L‘Étoile de mer in 1928 and Les Mystères du château de Dé in 1929.

In 2023, Jim Jarmush and Carter Logan, the founding members of the group Sqürl, compose a soundtrack to the four films as if they were forming one unique piece.

Return to Reason celebrates the 100th anniversary of Man Ray’s cinematic Œuvre, restored for the first time in 4K. It reveals the unique dialogue between two multitalented artists, and creates an undefinable object, a piece of visual music that resonates through its modernity and poetry.

Screening in the presence of Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan.