Utah Film Commission Increases Incentives for Filmmakers

July 26, 2007–The Utah Film Commission has announced an increase to 15% available to filmmakers from Utah's Motion Picture Incentive Fund (MPIF). The Board of the Governors Office of Economic Development approved the increase to help boost the economic performance of the states film industry.

Over the past three years, the average return on investment for the MPIF has been 11 to 1, meaning that for every $1 dollar distributed as part of the rebate in the incentive fund, $11 dollars were returned to the states economy. The cap on the fund remains at $500,000 and the budget for each film must be at least $1 million. The incentive package formerly operated at 10% and now offers a 15% post-performance rebate for every dollar spent in the state of Utah.

Marshall D. Moore, director of the Utah Film Commission, pushed for the incentive increase in order to help Utah stay competitive with other states that are able to offer filmmakers very attractive incentive packages. When we first started the incentives program a few years ago through the Industrial Assistance Fund (IAF), there were only 15 other states offering film incentives, Moore said, now there are over 40, and there are more in the works.

The board also approved incentive applications for three films including, THE AMERICAN MALL, YANKLES and the Disney Channels MINUTEMEN, which will begin filming in Utah within the next few weeks. This will certainly help the State of Utah remain competitive and reflects the first change in the amount offered since the rebate program initiated in 2005. Our office will aggressively market the information to the film industry all over the world to let filmmakers everywhere know that Utah is the place for making their films, added Moore. Filmmakers have access to a total of $4 million for qualifying productions during fiscal year 2007-2008, which began July 1, 2007.

Formed in 1974, the Utah Film Commission is part of the Governor's Office of Economic Development and is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI). The mission of the Utah Film Commission is to create high-paying quality jobs within the motion picture industry, market the entire state as a location for film and commercial production, and to promote the use of Utah support services and professionals. The film commission is client-driven servicing both in state and out-of-state as well as international production companies. For more information about the Utah Film Commission visit film.utah.gov.