Cannes Film Fest 1967: Year 20–Antonioni’s Blow-Up Wins Top Award

The twentieth Cannes Film Fest was held from April 27 to May 12, 1967.

The Grand Prix du Festival International du Film (as the top award was then called) went to the Blowup, Michelangelo Antonioni’s First English-speaking feature.

The festival opened with J’ai tué Raspoutine, directed by Robert Hossein.

It closed with Batouk, directed by Jean Jacques Manigot.

Jury Members

Alessandro Blasetti (Italy) (president)
  • Georges Lourau (France) (vice president)
  • Sergei Bondarchuk (Soviet Union)
  • René Bonnell (France)
  • Jean-Louis Bory (France) (critic)
  • Miklós Jancsó (Hungary)
  • Claude Lelouch (France)
  • Shirley MacLaine (USA)
  • Vincente Minnelli (USA)
  • Georges Neveux (France)
  • Gian Luigi Rondi (Italy)
  • Ousmane Sembène (Senegal)
  • Mark Turfkhuyer (Belgium) (journalist) (short films president)
  • Short Films
  • Tahar Cheriaa (Tunisia) (short films)
  • André Coutant (France) (technician) (short films)
  • Zdravka Koleva (Bulgaria) (short films)
  • Jean Schmidt (France) (short films)

Feature Film Competition

  • A ciascuno il suo by Elio Petri
  • Accident by Joseph Losey
  • Blowup by Michelangelo Antonioni
  • La chica del lunes by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson
  • Elvira Madigan by Bo Widerberg
  • Hotel pro cizince by Antonín Máša
  • L’immorale by Pietro Germi
  • Incompreso by Luigi Comencini
  • L’Inconnu de Shandigor by Jean-Louis Roy
  • Jeu de massacre by Alain Jessua
  • Katerina Izmailova by Mikhail Shapiro
  • Mon amour, mon amour by Nadine Trintignant
  • Mord und Totschlag by Volker Schlöndorff
  • Mouchette by Robert Bresson
  • Pedro Páramo by Carlos Velo
  • Rih al awras by Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina
  • Den røde kappe by Gabriel Axel
  • Three Days and a Child by Uri Zohar
  • Skupljači perja by Aleksandar Petrović
  • Terra em Transe by Glauber Rocha
  • Tízezer nap by Ferenc Kósa
  • Último encuentro by Antonio Eceiza
  • Ulysses by Joseph Strick
  • You’re a Big Boy Now by Francis Ford Coppola

Films out of competition

  • Batouk by Jean Jacques Manigot
  • J’ai tué Raspoutine by Robert Hussein
  • Le Conquérant De L’Inutile (A La Mémoire De Lionel Terray) by Marcel Ichac
  • Ostre sledované vlaky by Jiří Menzel
  • Privilege by Peter Watkins
  • Restauration du Grand Trianon by Pierre Zimmer
  • Voyna i mir by Sergei Bondarchuk


  • Grand Prix du Festival: Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni
  • Grand Prize of the Jury:
    • Accident by Joseph Losey
    • Skupljači perja by Aleksandar Petrović
  • Best Actor: Oded Kotler for Three Days and a Child
  • Best Actress: Pia Degermark for Elvira Madigan
  • Best Director: Ferenc Kósa for Tízezer nap
  • Best Screenplay:
    • Elio Petri for A ciascuno il suo
    • Alain Jessua for Jeu de massacre
  • Short Film Palme d’Or: Sky Over Holland by John Fernhout
  • Jury Prize – Best Short Film:
    • Gloire à Félix Tournachon by André Martin
    • Jedan plus jedan jeste tri by Branko Ranitovic
  • Special Mention – Best Short Film: L’Emploi du temps by Bernard Lemoine
  • Technical Grand Prize: Sky Over Holland by John Fernhout
  • Technical Grand Prize – Special Mention:
    • Den røde kappe by Gabriel Axel
    • Versailles by Albert Lamorisse
  • Best First Work: Rih al awras by Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina
  • FIPRESCI Prize:
    • Skupljači perja by Aleksandar Petrović
    • Terra em Transe by Glauber Rocha
  • OCIC Award: Mouchette by Robert Bresson