Movie Cycles: Youth Culture–It All Began in the 1950s

“The trouble with teenagers began when some smart salesman made a group of them in order to sell bobby sox.”

Karin Walsh, PTA, 1956

“It’s hard to tell if our problems are with adult juveniles, or juvenile adults. If anyone could successfully answer this question, we would know the showmanship formula that never fails. It’s hard to tell where to aim when you may have direct hits in either field, without any intention to make a bull’s eye.”

Walter Brooks, “Selling Approaches,” Motion Picture Herlad, September 7, 1957, p. 35.

“American civilization tends to stand in such awe of its teenage segment that it is in danger of becoming a teenage society, with permanently teenage standards of thought, culture, and goals. As a result, America society I growing down rather than up.”

Grace and Fred Hechtinger, Teenage Tyranny (1963), p. x