Movie Audiences: Teenagers, Movies, and the Internet

Time are changing, and so does the movie industry–globally–due to one factor: The rising impact of the Internet, particularly on teenagers. According to a study conducted by Yahoo News, half (51 percent) of teens today first hear about new movies via the Internet. More specifically:

1. 15 percent discover new films from entertainment Web sites.
2. 15 percent from social networking sites.
3. 13 perecnt from video-sharing sites.
4. 8 perecnt from movie-ticket sites.

The number of entertainment web sites is increasing, and the question is, which ones will prove to be influential vis-a-vis the Hollywood movie industry.

According to Yahoo, if you combine the various entertainment and social networking sites, they amount to 30 perecnt, or one third of teens’ source of information about movies.

That’s a new reality and hard facts that the studios cannot ignore anymore.