Sunday Punch (1942): Davd Miller’s Comedy, Starring William Lundigan, Jean Rogers, Dan Dailey

David Miller directed Sunday Punch, a comedy starring William Lundigan and Jean Rogers.

Sunday Punch
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Theatrical release poster

The boxers managed by Bassler and trained by Roscoe live in an all-male Brooklyn boardinghouse, where the arrival of Judy, the landlady’s niece, gets their attention.

Judy gets to know Ken Burke, who quit medical school to try boxing, and Ole Jensen, the young janitor.

Bassler is concerned that Ken’s interest in Judy is distracting him, so he tries to find her job as a singer.

After packing “Sunday punch” that knocks out a pro, he decides to be a prizefighter to earn money to impress Judy. But no one except “Pops” Muller will train him.

Ken and Ole rise in the ranks, but reject a $30,000 offer to fight each other due to their friendship.

Judy roots for Ole to win, but only because it might convince to give up boxing and become a doctor.

Their story climaxes with the big fight.

The film earned $229,000 in the US and $144,000 elsewhere during its initial theatrical run, and MGM declared a loss of $79,000.

Guy Kibbee as Pops Muller
J. Carrol Naish as Matt Bassler
Connie Gilchrist as Ma Galestrum
Sam Levene as Rosco
Leo Gorcey as Biff
“Rags” Ragland as Killer Connolly
Douglass Newland as Baby Fitzroy
Anthony Caruso as Nat Cucci


Directed by David Miller
Written by Fay Kanin and Michael Kanin, Allen Rivkin
Produced by Irving Starr
Cinematography Paul Vogel
Edited by Albert Akst
Music by David Snell
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date: May 8, 1942
Running time 76 minutes
Budget $305,000
Box office $373,000