Star Wars: Episode IX to be Directed by Colin (Jurassic Park) Trevorrow

Disney and Lucasfilm continue to hire the hottest young directors for Star Wars films, bringing on Jurassic World helmer Colin Trevorrow to direct Episode IX.

Disney made the announcement at D23 Saturday.

Jurassic World was a massive hit for Universal when it opened, breaking opening weekend records for the biggest global take of all time and the biggest domestic opening of all time.

It also became the fastest movie in history to hit $1 billion globally.  The Chris Pratt-starring film has earned $1.6 billion worldwide to date.

Trevorrow had only directed a short film and the 2012 comedy Safety Not Guaranteed before signing on to the massive Jurassic World.

He’s already stated that he would not be returning for the next Jurassic film, and that his next picture is Book of Henry.

Disney and Lucasfilm have collected a slew of hot directors for the Star Wars universe, many of whom have only directed one or two big-budget films before signing on to work in a galaxy far, far away. J.J. Abrams is directing Episode XII, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will hit theaters in December.
Director Rian Johnson (Looper) is attached to write and direct Episode XIII. When he signed on, he was also going to write a treatment for Episode IX, which Trevorrow will direct.
The Lego Movie helmers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are ding a Han Solo stand-alone film and Godzilla director Gareth Edwards is also doing a stand-alone project.