Square, The (2013): Egyptian Jehane Noujaim’s Oscar Nominated Political Documentary

Director Jehane Noujaim
In 2011, a group of activists made Tahrir Square in Cairo the center of demonstrations demanding an end to the nation’s repressive government.
As the movement suddenly gained mass support and became the focus of international media attention, Egypt was on the brink of revolution.
Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim was a regular visitor to Tahrir Square. The Square captures Egypt’s political upheaval as it was happening, with activists and revolutionaries of all stripes speaking their minds and watching the government react as the world watches them.
Nominated for the Best Documentary Feature at the 86th Academy Awards and a Sundance Award winner for Audience Award for World Cinema in the documentary category, The Square also won three Emmy Awards and the People’s Choice Award in the documentary category at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.
105 minutes
Egyptian with English Subtitles