Remember Me: An Ensemble Cast

Remember Me Remember Me Remember Me Remember Me Remember Me

"Remember Me," is new romance starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, and Pierce Brosnan. The film is being released March 12 by Summit Entertainment.

Allen Coulter and Nick Osborne were both intensely involved in the casting process from the very beginning. Says Coulter, "We had a meeting with Rob Pattinson after Summit expressed some interest. We had lunch with him about a year ago and liked him and were interested in him right away and he was interested too, so that sort of started the process."

One of a director's greatest advantages is a production well cast and it is in Coulter's nature to be involved in the casting process every step of the way. "I can't imagine working on a project where I was not as involved as I can be in the casting," Coulter remarks. "It was just me and Nick Osborne, working with Joanna Colbert and Rich Mento, and then Summit weighed in, but really only on two or three principal roles. We ended up with a cast that both Nick and I were thrilled with. I think you'd be hard pressed to say what kind of cast it is because it's so eclectic. It has elements that you might say were from a big-budget film and elements that you might think of as an independent film," he says.




Allen Coulter says "Nick's and my feeling was that Robert could embody a young man who's filled with complexity — his anger, his guilt around the circumstances of the story, his frustration in his relationship with his father and his impotence to change his situation; a young man who feels lost and who ultimately doesn't know who he is."


Pattinson sees his character as a young guy who has some growing up to do, which in some ways mirrored his own real-life experience, saying that "a lot of the reasons I wanted to do the film were because Tyler's at that point where you stop being so, kind of existential, from your adolescence — your early twenties and he's just starting to not feel like an island. He can actually believe that his feelings are honest about things. And he can trust himself a little bit more. He's just maturing and I guess I think that what's happening to me, sort of. Or it was at the time."


Pattinson's character is afflicted with a sort of ennui, in a state of arrested emotional development: "Tyler has all these grudges and grievances which he's held for years and years and they've all just been — not even simmering; they're just old. He and Charles have had the same fights over and over and everyone else sees them as being old. Even Tyler, himself, is sick of having the same rages," he says.


Osborne appreciated Pattinson's unusual loyalty to the project, saying, "Twilight had just come out and often once an actor becomes a known commodity, their agent calls you up and tells you, 'I'm sorry, he can't do it anymore.' But Rob stuck with it. He's been instrumental in helping us get the film made. He really has put himself out on a limb to play this character. I never thought he'd be as good as he was. He's incredibly selfless, incredibly undemanding. But he also thinks a lot. He's very curious. He took hold of that character and ran with it."


Osborne underscores Pattinson's commitment to the role: "When we were working on the script we would get on the phone with Rob and download his ideas. We'd be talking back and forth about what we were doing, so he was very involved in the film and he's been wonderful. He's in nearly every scene, he's been here every day — I know he's had to work his ass off. He came off one movie, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, straight into this one."




Osborne says that Tyler's relationship with Ally is different, Ally brings calm to his life: "She's the first person who walks into his life and doesn't buy his act. This is a guy who doesn't have trouble getting young women to fall for him or come home with him and she's the first that challenges him. She strips away the protective layers he's created for himself and gets to who the true 'Tyler' is."


"It's because of her," he adds "that he is able to start mending these other relationships in his life and hopefully find a way to find some peace in his own life."


"Emilie encapsulates everything which I think Ally is," says Osborne, "a blue-collar girl who's dealt with this terrible tragedy in her life, who's somewhat married to her father in this bizarre way because they've clung to each other. She's never really had fun in her life. She's kept her head down, she's doing well in school, she'll get a good job… But then this guy comes into her life who's a ray of light and shows her a different side to the world and makes her think in a different way and Emilie really helps encapsulate all of those qualities."


The team underwent a long search for the perfect young woman to play the role of Ally Craig. "We really saw something like a hundred-and-eighty young women," Coulter said. "It was a very tricky thing. We wanted to find someone who could be a good match for Rob as far as the romantic entanglement, but we also needed somebody who could be tough and stand up to him. Ally is the daughter of a cop from Queens and it was important to believe she had some of that Queens attitude.


Coulter explains, "She's going to NYU and already that takes her leaps and bounds beyond where her father was. At the same, her mother was a nurse, so she really comes from a blue-collar background and we needed to believe that. I thought Emilie could seem like she was from such a background. De Ravin also exuded an enormous amount of charm, which proved irresistible. "We thought, that's good for this character — Tyler's got to notice her, but she also should have this toughness about her. And indeed, when we shot the scenes with Chris Cooper, where Ally stands up to her dad, you saw that she's not easily cowed," he says.




Coulter was drawn to Pierce Brosnan because of the film, "Matador", where Brosnan showed he was willing to take chances as an actor. "You know, I was thinking about that while I was also trying to imagine someone who could be the father of a guy this good looking, and I thought, 'Well, Pierce Brosnan could do it. "Nick liked the idea and when we pitched it to Summit they were also thrilled with the possibility."


Nick Osborne was looking for the right balance of stoicism, and perhaps some semblance of humanity in Charles Hawkins. As Osborne says, "I just felt that Charles was this powerful man who couldn't show emotion, who can't tell his son he loves him, who's pissed with his son because he couldn't get it together, as far as he's concerned. Pierce was everything I believe the character was from the get go."


For Robert Pattinson's part, he says, "Pierce did a really interesting performance. He's a really, really lovely guy as well. It's so strange having that sort of an iconic person playing your dad. I mean it — it was quite a strange experience." He describes his characters relationship with his father, Charles, saying, "I think Tyler is very similar to his father and I don't think it's really about missing the love of his father. He wants his father to behave in a certain way, but he doesn't really know what way that is, and so he's never going to be satisfied with it. I think his father is just growing more and more despondent with his behavior towards him because he thinks he's behaving like a perfectly capable father."


He continues, "He's pretty supportive of him and he puts up with a lot of nonsense that Tyler gives him, but I don't think he's missing the love. I think he thinks almost everybody in his life should behave completely differently than the way they do behave, but Tyler never really has an answer to give anyone. He can never actually tell anyone what he wants, because he doesn't know what he wants, so I don't really think it's the lack of love."