Reel/Real Imact: Five Graves to Cairo–Billy Wilder’s WWII Spy Thriller

Brigadier Dudley Clarke, the commander of the British Deception Department based in Cairo, saw Billy Wilder’s WWII spy thriller Five Graves to Cairo in January 1944 and was inspired to create Operation Copperhead.
Marshall Bernard Montgomery had been transferred from North Africa to England to take command of the ground forces intended for the Normandy invasion.
Clarke located a look-alike, pre-war actor Lieutenant M. E. Clifton James, and had him study’s Montgomery’s look and manners. The actor then made public visits to several Mediterranean bases in the guise of Montgomery a few days before D-Day in effort to convince German intelligence that an Allied attack on Northern Europe was not imminent. But the ruse did not have any impact on German plans.  The events of Operation Copperhead were later dramatized in a book and a movie, both entitled I Was Monty’s Double.