Prom: The Characters

Nova Prescott      (AIMEE TEEGARDEN)


The True Believer


We all know the type…the straight-A student and head of the Prom Committee who makes it all look so easy—possibly because she is a perfectionist who pays obsessive attention to detail in everything she does. Nova is a born pleaser and rule abider who loves her family and wants them to be proud of her. She is passionate about every project she undertakes…but just can’t seem to see beauty in imperfection.



Jesse Richter     (THOMAS McDONELL)


The Outsider 

Jesse is fiercely independent and lives by his own rules. His hardened exterior and “bad-boy” persona give him a definite anti-establishment vibe. Working to help his mother support the family eats up his free time, so making friends and participating in high school activities—especially Prom—are way down on his list. Jesse is a teen trapped in an adult life—what or who will it take to bust him out?


Tyler Barso      (DE’VAUGHN NIXON)


Less Than Perfect Prom King


Tyler has it all going on and then some. He is the most popular guy at Brookside High—charismatic, good looking, captain of the Lacrosse team—adored by all. Alongside Jordan, he is one half of the picture-perfect high school couple…but looks can be deceiving.



Jordan Lundley  (KYLIE BUNBURY )


Born to Be Prom Queen

Oh, to be Jordan…. the most popular girl in school! There’s no question she was born to be prom queen and wind up with the hottest guy in school…one look at her will tell you that.  But Jordan will soon find herself forced to go beyond her comfort zone and find out who she really is…and what she is really made of.


Simone Daniels     (DANIELLE CAMPBELL)


The Fresh Face

Simone is the girl next door. Beautiful, friendly and accessible, Simone has no agenda—she is free-spirited and approaches life with an open innocence, appreciating the moment. Somehow this outwardly-and-inwardly beautiful girl has flown undetected under the teen-guy radar…until now.


Mei Kwan & Justin Wexler    (YIN CHANG & JARED KUSNITZ)


The Perfect Couple

Mei is a playfully artistic and stylish senior who has had a long, loving relationship with Justin—a sweet, smart guy who is an understanding, attentive and all-around great partner. They are the perfect couple for all the right reasons. Although Mei thrives on the security of her established relationship, a part of her yearns to experience what lies ahead and discover her own individuality. Their relationship is tested when a secret that could impact their future comes between them.


Lucas Arnaz     (NOLAN SOTILLO)


The Love-struck Sophomore

Sophomore Lucas is an indie rock geek just about to learn how to balance friendship with love. Lucas tries to stay connected with his best friend Corey while following his heart—which is headed straight for Simone. Lucas doggedly persists in his attempts to get Simone’s attention, often enlisting Corey’s help, but he lacks the inner confidence to express how he feels.



Music Geek

For Corey, life is all about friendship. And that’s not a bad thing. Lost in a world of music, he isn’t growing up as fast as best friend Lucas and is not ready yet for the real world that awaits after graduation…but that doesn’t stop him from trying to help Lucas get the girl of his dreams.



The Dude

Rolo is an effortlessly laid-back, often oblivious guy that doesn’t feel the need to prove himself to anybody. He promises to have a knockout date on Prom night, which sounds increasingly suspect as details about her are revealed…his friends wonder will he or won’t he have a mystery girlfriend on his arm come Prom night.


Ali Gomez     (JANELLE ORTIZ)

The Gossip

Nova’s gossip-hungry best friend is a buzzing ball of energy, sticking her nose into everybody else’s business, especially Rolo’s—she’s the most skeptical that his Greek-Canadian girlfriend actually exists. 


Brandon Roberts  (JONATHAN KELTZ)

The Perfect Guy

Ivy Leaguer-in-the-making Brandon is Nova’s picture-perfect guy. She believes she is destined to be with him—her parents think so too. But Brandon may not be the heartthrob Nova thinks he is…and thinks she wants.


Lloyd Taylor    (NICHOLAS BRAUN)

The Reluctant Romantic

Lloyd, who? You go to Brookside?  Yes…Lloyd is that kid you see at graduation and realize you never talked to in all of your four years. A comedic character, Lloyd is looking hard for a prom date after he realizes he’s never asked a girl to do…well, anything…and now high school is coming to an end. Motivated by the fact that his time is running out and he’s left no legacy, he turns into an unstoppable romantic with a repertoire of funny antics. Putting all his game into play for an all-out prom-date blitz, Lloyd hopes to wind up with a girl…any girl.