Parisienne, La (Une Parisienne) (1957): Michel Boisrond’s Technicolor French Comedy, Starring Bardot, Charles Boyer, Henri Vidal

Michel Boisrond directed La Parisienne, a French comedy, starring Brigitte Bardot, Charles Boyer and Henri Vidal.

Bardot plays the daughter of the French President who marries her father’s secretary, but the couple become jealous of each other’s sexual flings.

Brigitte Laurier, the daughter of the President of France, is madly in love with Michel Legrand (Henri Vidal), the chief of staff of her father. He tries to evade her, but she follows him to the airport as he meets his mistress, Mrs. Wilson (Madeleine Lebeau), who intends to divorce her husband to marry Michel. He continues to shut down Brigitte’s repeated sexual advances, but he finds that hard to do, as she has just appointed herself to an internship as Michel’s secretary.

She creates a ruse whereby Michel is tricked into delivering urgent papers to the President (André Luguet), who is spending the weekend hunting in the country.

Michel’s former mistress, Caroline d’Herblay, and her politician husband are also at the same hunting event, and Mrs. d’Herblay insists Michel stay the weekend. The President asks his daughter why she tricked Michel, and she proclaims her unrequited love for Michel.

Prince Charles (Charles Boyer) starts his state visit to France. Mrs. Wilson calls Michel—not realizing he is married now—and Brigitte picks up. Sure that Michel is cheating on her with Mrs. Wilson, she confronts him at the ball. Michel laughs it off, but in fit of jealously, she tells Michel she will cheat on him with the next person around. Michel laughs and bids her good luck as Prince Charles is that person.

Not backing down, she curtsies to make herself known to him, and slips into a side room. Prince Charles follows her, and they both get on their knees to look for Brigitte’s broken pearl bracelet. She admits that she is in love with him, and Michel becomes jealous. He slaps her in public, and brings her home.

When Brigitte tells Michel she went to Nice with the Prince for a swim, he thinks she’s making fool of him. They promise to always tell each other the truth, but when she tells him she was with the Prince—the truth—he doesn’t believe her.

In the end, she tells him she was at the cinema with a friend and crosses her fingers.

Brigitte Bardot as Brigitte Laurier
Henri Vidal as Michel Legrand
André Luguet as President Alcide Laurier
Charles Boyer as Prince Charles
Claire Maurier as Caroline Herblay
Noël Roquevert as Mr. d’Herblay
Madeleine Lebeau as Monique Wilson
Nadia Gray as Queen Greta
Fernand Sardou as Fernand the Barman
Robert Pizani as Ambassador Mouchkine
Judith Magre as Irma
Harry-Max as L’ambassadeur
Vera Talchi as Titine
Marcel Pérès as The General (as Marcel Pérés)