Pan: Warner’s Social Media Strategies for its Event Film

Warner will bring the magical world of his new film, Pan, to life with the help of its stars, Hugh Jackman and Levi Miller.

Joined by director Joe Wright, the two actors will celebrate and experience several versions of Neverland in person with fans in a worldwide tour, and will be joined at several stops by Rooney Mara, who plays Tiger Lily, and Garrett Hedlund as Hook before the hook.

Social media will be a large part of the event, as fans are invited to check in virtually at each unique “Neverland” location via Facebook and Instagram, and post about their experiences using the hashtag #PanMovie.

The tour began on September 2 in Australia, the home country of both Jackman and Miller, where “Pan” will make its global debut in theaters on September 24.

Melbourne students from five local public schools saw advance footage from the film, followed by a surprise Q&A with Jackman.

Other cities expected to be transformed into Neverland include Tokyo and New York City before ending in Mexico City on October 6.

In each of these cities, Jackman, Miller and Wright, as well as occasionally Mara and Hedlund, will participate in various fan events that can be viewed across the world on various social media platforms.

The film make its world premiere on September 20 in London and will bow in theaters on October 9.