Pacific Liner (1939): Action-Adventure, Starring Victor McLaglen, Chester Morris, Wendy Barrie

Lew Landers directed Pacific Liner an action adventure starring Victor McLaglen, Chester Morris and Wendy Barrie.

The tale is mostly set in the engineering section of the vessel, where a stowaway has infected the crew with cholera.

In 1932, aboard the passenger ship S.S. Arcturus, engineer “Crusher” McKay (Victor McLaglen) runs a “tight ship”, both beloved and feared by his men.

The ship’s doctor, “Doc” Tony Craig (Chester Morris), has signed on in Shanghai to be on the San Francisco bound trip. He wants to be near his former sweetheart, nurse Ann Grayson (Wendy Barrie).

While the passengers remain oblivious, the ship’s doctor and nurse work to control the infection and heal their patients, while the engineer keeps the stokers at their jobs filling the ship’s boilers with coal to make the best time to San Francisco.


TCM showed the movie on April 20, 2021.