Nappily Ever After (2018): Haifaa al-Mansour’s Romantic Comedy, Starring

Haifaa al-Mansour directed Nappily Ever After, a romantic comedy written by Adam Brooks and Cee Marcellus, based on the novel of the same name by Trisha R. Thomas.

The film stars Sanaa Lathan, Ernie Hudson, Lyriq Bent, Lynn Whitfield, Ricky Whittle, and Camille Guaty.

The film was released September 21, 2018, by Netflix.

Paulette (Lynn Whitfield), the mother of Violet (Sanaa Lathan) always insists she look perfect.

Paulette goes out of her way to straightens her natural hair, but it takes time and she is occasionally burned by the iron.

At a pool, a boy dares Violet to hold her breath longer underwater, so she jumps in, despite mother’s protests. Underwater, her hair instantly becomes naturally wild and frizzy.

When the other children tease her and call her chia pet, her horrified mother takes her home.

As adult, Violet is seemingly perfect, a successful advertising executive, with a handsome doctor boyfriend Clint (Ricky Whittle)–and wearing her hair long and straight, albeit with great effort).

The mother and Violet’s father (Ernie Hudson) recently became estranged after he quit his job and became a model.

After she gets sprayed by a neighbor’s kids, she visits a hairdresser, where a disaster occurs; the employee erroneously causes some of Violet’s hair to fall out using relaxer.

Violet expects Clint to propose. At her birthday, Clint gives Violet dog instead of a ring; disappointed, she confronts him. He says she’s always perfect and he doesn’t really know her, including her favorites.

As Violet goes shopping she notices Zoe shoplifting and drags her out of the store but gets stopped by a security guard. Zoe’s dad comes and is furious over what Zoe’s is doing but Violet thinks there is something wrong. Will says how would she know what going on and leaves.

Some days later, Violet and Will are in the conference room of an ad agency, and she is pitching Will’s hair products for women’s natural hair. After the meeting, Violet and Will walk out together, and after speaking briefly, Violet walks away confidently.

Sanaa Lathan as Violet Jones
Ernie Hudson as Richard Jones
Lyriq Bent as Will Wright
Lynn Whitfield as Paulette Jones
Ricky Whittle as Clint Conrad
Camille Guaty as Wendy
Terry Serpico as Bill
Brittany S. Hall as Natasha
Daria Johns as Zoe Wright
Danielle Lyn as Alicia
Puff the Dog as Lola

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