Movie Stars: Special, Mythic Quality

Movie stars may possess what Jung had called “numinous” personality, one that was so dazzling that it evoked  the goddesses of antiquity.

According to this view, stars possess a strong religious or spiritual quality, indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity.
This may be the reason why Garbo was referred to as “The Divine” (La Divina).
The expression: “the strange, numinous beauty of this ancient landmark.”
James Mason expressed that notion in the musical drama, A Star Is Born (1954), while he talks about Judy Garland: “She’s got that little something extra.”  He quotes  actress Ellen Terry for credibility.
The scene takes place while he is watching Garland perform the lengthy number, “The Man That Got Away.”
Mythic Screen Roles
The mythic quality may be a result of playing an extremely powerful screen role, which indelibly associates  an actor with a larger-than-life character in a popular movie, seen by large audiences.
John Wayne in The Searchers, or True Grit
Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments
Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia
Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator
Stallone in the Rocky franchise and Rambo series
Tom Cruise in Top Gun
Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth
Most movie stars did not disappoint or surprise, and once they found their “niche” (be it genre, part, or image), and apt mode of projecting and delivering, they stayed with their narrow sets of screen roles.