Reel/Real Impact: Summer Place-Music

The hit tune, “Theme from A Summer Place,” composed by Max Steiner, was arranged and recorded by Percy Faith and performed by his Orchestra, enriched and improved on a secondary musical theme of the film.

It has become a classic, reaching Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for nine consecutive weeks.

A vocal version with lyrics by Mack Discant was a hit for The Lettermen in 1965. Singer Dean Torrence referenced the song’s melody in Jan and Dean’s “Like a Summer Rain” in 1966. Kenneth Brager did an electronic remake of it entitled “Love Won’t Leave Me Alone”.

“A Summer Place” is referred to in Barry Levinson’s 1982 “Diner,” as the movie that the characters watch during Boogie’s bet about Carol Heathrow touching his penis.

The music theme plays as Robert Neville (Charlton Heston) drives his car around the deserted streets of Los Angeles in the opening minutes of “The Omega Man” (1971).

The theme of the movie was used at the end of the ABC-TV miniseries, Rose Red.

The theme was also used during a scene between Tom Hulce (Pinto) and Sarah Holcomb (Clorette DePasto) during the toga party segment of National Lampoon’s Animal House.

The music is played in the dining room scene in Beautiful Creatures, in the restaurant scene in Ocean’s Eleven (2001), and in shopping mall in the movie Bandslam (2009).