Movie Cycles: Heist (Caper) Films in 1950s–from Huston’s Asphalt Jungle

Which specific movie kicked off the cycle of heist-caper films in the early 1950s?

Arguably, it’s John Huston’s 1950 masterpiece, The Asphalt Jungle.

That film spawned a whole film cycle, perhaps even a film sub-genre.

There have been several remakes of Huston’s picture, including The Badlanders in 1958, Cairo in 1963, and Cool Breeze in 1973.

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It usually takes one film, which is artistically significant and commercially successful, to launch a whole series of similarly-themed pictures.

In 1964, another cycle of caper films–this time international co-productions–began with the release of Jules Dassin’s Oscar-nominated Topkapi, starring his wife, Greek actress Melina Mercouri (Never on Sunday) and Peter Ustinov, among others.