Movie Audiences: What Female Viewers Want to See–Surprise!

“Aquaman,” “Venom,” and “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” are the movies that female moviegoers are most excited to see, according to a survey by Atom Tickets.

Photo: Venom

The online ticket seller announced the results Friday in celebration and support of Women’s Equality Day on August 26.

It launched a digital and social media campaign to promote Women’s Equality Day with a ticketing offer of half off a movie ticket for first-time buyers.

The results were based on an August 23 survey of 10,000 women who are “frequent moviegoers.”

“Night School” was ranked as the most-anticipated comedy title in the survey. Women ranked their favorite genre as action/adventure, followed by comedy and sci-fi/fantasy.

Majority of women (90%) prefer to see a female and male couple in movies rather than an all-male or all-female cast.

About 40% of women are still not satisfied with how females are portrayed in blockbusters.

Most (95%)  would like to see more women in filmmaking careers such as directing, producing, or writing.

The survey showed that 12% of women prefer seeing content created by female filmmakers, while the majority of respondents said they don’t have a preference.

“Aquaman” opens on December 21, while “Venom” launches on October 5, and “Fantastic Beasts” debuts November 16.