L’Intrepido: A Lonely Hero (2013): Gianni Amelio’s Tale, Starring Antonio Albanese

Gianni Amelio, Italy, 2013, DCP, 104m

Italian with English Subtitles

Gianni Amelio follows his 2011 Camus adaptation, The First Man, with a deadpan parable about a small everyday hero from Milan who contends with the unemployment crisis in a very particular way: he’s a “professional” substitute worker, skilled and knowledgeable enough to replace anyone in any job.

True to his name, Antonio Pane is as good and essential as bread. Whether working as a train conductor, fishmonger, tailor, street sweeper, or bricklayer, he approaches the country’s instability with a deep moral consistency as he reinvents himself everyday.

Amelio wrote this film especially for actor Antonio Albanese, who personifies the film’s dark humor and underlying sense of hope.

An Emerging Pictures release.