1 Ideas: To Explore

Updated July 4, 2020:

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Bang Bang, Kiss Kiss

Kiss Bank Kiss Bang

May We Borrow Your Husband? Graham Greene (Gay couple and married man)

American Remakes of French Films:

Les diaboliques (Diabolic)

La Cage aux Folles (Bird Cage)


Cruelty: Cinema of Cruelty


Streetcar Named Desire


The desire to desire/be desired

Desire Unlimited

To Desire Differently

Industry of Desire (Hollywood, Stardom)

Inclusive Desire




Hollywood in the New Millennium

Three Faces of Hollywood: Body, Mind, Soul

Hollywood in Age of Globalism

Hollywood: National, International, Global Dimensions

Hollywood: Vistas, Instances, Perspectives

Hollywood and the Way We Live Now

Hollywood and the American Way of Life

Hollywood: Time and Money (Time and Money in Hollywood Movies)


Independent Cinema


Democracy of Images: History of American Independent Filmmaking

Maverick Visions

Pursuit of Loneliness


Love and Death in American Film

Love and Commitment




Marriage Proposals

Glenn Miller Story, The

It’s Wonderful Life

Norma Rae

Quiet Mam, The


Star Is Born, A (1954)

Walk the Line



Influential Movies:

Citizen Kane, The Searchers, Psycho, The Graduate, The Godfather, Mean Streets


Movie That Shook the World

Citizen Kane


Rebel Without Cause

The searchers


James Bond


The Godfather

American Graffiti

Mean streets

Blue Velvet

Pulp Fiction


Movies in Context

Myths in American Movies

No quitting

I wanna be somebody; I’m gonna be somebody

Plastic Surgery

A Woman’s Face, 1941

The Promise, 1979


Police (to Call or Not to Call)

Rebel Without a Cause


Quitting (Never Quit)


Sex In British and American Cinema

(In many British films, sex is depicted as unsensual and unerotic)

Sexual Repression

(Streetcar Named, Tea and Sympathy, Cat o  Hot)


Strangers in Paradise (Exiles in Hollywood)

Demy, Jacques


Lang, Fritz


Passer, Irving

Renoir, Jean

Sirk, Douglas

Varda, Agnes

Wong Kar-Wi


Student Revolution: Ill-Fated Movie Cycle

To Be Somebody