Knocking: Frida Kempff’s Debut Feature (Sundance Fest)

Following an anxious woman’s terror that an unseen neighbor might be in peril, Frida Kempff’s debut feature reworks well genre conventions.

Courtesy of Lask Film

Knocking, a Swedish creeper that, as in Gaslight  nearly 80 years ago, sees a frail female protagonist’s mental health history weaponized against her, making her doubt her grip on a sinister reality.

Frida Kempf’s stylish debut feature initially imbues its old-school premise with enough needling atmosphere to suggest something unnerving.

Knocking may tweak its familiar premise for a #MeToo-era critique of society’s inclination to disbelieve women.

Crisply made and well performed, this slender 78-minute film too often feels like pointed social allegory in search of a really good story.