Journalism as Portrayed by Hollywood: Films from A to Z

Hollywood on Journalism/Journalists in Film

Truth Under Fire

Glorified? Despised? Heroes/Enemies of the People (Per Trump)

Putting Our Profession Under the Microscope

Films (in chronological order)

The Front Page (1931), Lewis Milestone

His Girl Friday (1940), Howard Hawks

Citizen Kane (1941), Orson Welles

Ace in the Hole (1951), Billy Wilder

The Sweet Smell of Success (1957), Mackendrick

The Front Page (1974), Billy Wilder

All the President’s Men (1976), Alan J. Pakula

Network (1976), Sidney Lumet

Absence of Malice (1981), Sydney Pollack

Salvador (1986), Oliver Stone

The Man Inside (1990), Bobby Roth

The Pelican Brief (1993), Alan J. Pakula

Quiz Show (1994), Robert Redford

Nixon (1995), Oliver Stone

Mad City (1997), Costa Gavras

The Insider (1999), Michael Mann

When the Sky Falls (2000) John Mackenzie

Shattered Glass (2003), Billy Ray

Veronica Guerin (2003), Joel Schumacher

Good Night and Good Luck (2005), George Clooney

Capote (2005), Bennett Miller

Spotlight (2015), Tom McCarthy

Mank (2020), David Fincher