John Wayne: Screen Ladies–O’Hara, Maureen–Most Favorite and Frequent

Maureen O’Hara: Wayne’s Favorite Partner

The strong chemistry between John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara worked well from the start, on screen and off–they became close friends.

Wayne described O’Hara her as his favorite screen lady, “a big, lusty, wonderful gal,” in short “my kind of gal.”

For her part, she regarded him as “the softest, kindest, warmest, most loyal human being I’ve ever known.”

Their relationship was like “brother and sister,” O’Hara said.  They were often mistaken as a romantic pair off screen because of their five films together. O’Hara promoted his public image whenever she could: “Wayne is not interested in anything less than 100 percent woman because he’s 100 percent man.” Or “Duke is what the world thinks the American male is, and what a shame they’re not.”

O’Hara said she could not count “the number of places I’ve been where they’ve asked me about Duke,” and that “men want to know as much about him as women.”