Film Theory: Inspirational Movies

There are certain occasions in life when you need or want something comforting;

In moviegoing terms, this meansĀ  well-drawn theatrical characters living in self-contained , dramaturgical sound world where when conflict arises, there’s resolution, and the characters never break the fourth wall to comment on the action.

At times, animals are used as life-affirming symbols, indicators for better life to come in the future.

All That Heaven Allows: Deers at the end

On Golden Pond: Goons

Cocoon: Dolphins

They are officially designated asĀ  ambassadors for the life beyond.

Moves that are consciously life-affirming.

Often the warning signs are easy to spot:

Ads for Cocoon:

“biggest hug of the summer;
“offers something for everyone who’s perennially young.”

“you would have to be a scrooge to resist it at hear.”

Other Life-Affirming Movies:

The Notebook

Lion Hand

Ladder 49


Shall We Dance?

Precious, Based on the Novel…