Indie Cinema 2016: Films That Matter–Little Miss Sunshine, Once

Little Miss Sunshine, which came out of nowhere (so to speak), is the prototype of a desirable indie, an original, low-budget feature with the potential of scoring big in the marketplace.

World premiering at the 2006 Sundance Film Fest, Little Miss Shine was made for about $2 million, but sold to Fox Searchlight for $10 million when it got rave reviews and created a buzz.

The effective marketing campaign elevated even more the visibility of the indie, which grossed over $60 million in its theatrical release, and benefited from a slew of Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and Alan Arkin’s Best Supporting Oscar Award.

Once: Indie Musical

The original musical, Once, was a huge critical and commercial success.

Fox Searchlight acquired it out of Sundance Film Fest for only $600,000, and due to smart marketing and positive word of mouth, the film made $9 million in the U.S.

Praised by most critics, Once also received Oscar nominations.