Hollywood: Recycling–Maugham, Somerset–Trespasser/Rain/Sadie Thompson

Screen Versions of W. Somerset Maugham

1. The Tresspasser (1928)

Starring Gloria Swanson

Oscar Nominations: Best Actress (Swanson)


2. Rain (1932)

Starring Joan Crawford, Walter Huston, Guy Kibbee, and Beulah Bondi.

Adapted by Maxwell Anderson,

Directed by Lewis Milestone.


3. Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S. (1946)

Starring Francine Everett and Don Wilson.

Adapted by True  T. Thompson.

Directed by Spencer Williams.


4. Miss Sadie Thompson (1953)

Starring Rita Hayworth, José Ferrer, Aldo Ray, and Charles Bronson.

Adapted by Harry Kleiner.

Directed by Curtis Bernhardt.

Oscar Nominations:

Best Song: Lester Lee and Ned Washington’s Sadie Thompson’s Song (Blue Pacific Blues)