1 Hitchcock: Objects, Parts–Eyes

July 7, 2020

George Tolles:

Hitch’s literal  play on eye.

The eye is  the ultimate goal for any act of violation.

But the eye is also linked with repression it threatens the violator

The eye is the vehicle of reassurance

The eye and mouth and vagina; attributes of opening

Punishment inflected on the eye mans  severing  one’s ties with the world (Oedipal0 and reduces one’s consciousness

torture of the eye

Obsessive  significance of the eye as metaphor rather than object

Eye asserts the value and power through migration towards other objects.

The eye undergoes repeated metamorphoses

The eye represents identity at fullest conceentration and maximum vulnerability

(Above: George Tolles)


Norman’s eye peering thru the peephole at Marion

Marion’s blood swirling down the shower drain that dissolves to her dead eye (in close up)

Then the camera turns and tracks  away from in order to gaze at the money that the dead eye is seeing

Mother’s empty eye sockets at the climax