Movie Stars: Golding, Henry–Hollywood’s Next Big Thing? Star of Crazy Rich Asians in High-Profile Projects

Ever since he starred–and charmed young female viewers–in Crazy Rich Asians–Henry Golding seems destined for major stardom.

Malaysian-born British actor, model, and television host, is in the right age, 33, to achieve  that status.  Golding is not exactly an over night success–he has been a presenter on BBC’s The Travel Show since 2014.

Henry Golding
Carmen Roberts and Henry Golding, Presenters, The Travel Show, BBC (cropped).jpg

Golding on The Travel Show in April 2014

Showing diversity, he has also impressed in Feig’s rom-com Last Christmas with Emilia Clarke and Emma Thompson, and in Guy Ritchie’s crime caper, The Gentlemen, with Matthew McConaughey.

Honorary Jewish

Many readers readers have been asked me questions about Henry’s family name and marital status?

What does a nice Malaysian guy doing with a typically Jewish name?

“Golding is darn Jewish, isn’t it?” the actor says: “My grandfather during the war was in London and as the story goes, he was possibly adopted by a Jewish family by that name. Out of respect he took on their name and it was passed down. So, I’m proud to be an honorary Jew.”

He next has the BBC drama “Monsoon,” due for release in August.

A breakout from Crazy Rich Asians, Golding will play the lead role in The Tiger’s Apprentice, the adaptation of the best-selling children’s book from Paramount Animation.

Carlos Baena, a Pixar animator who worked on ‘Wall-E’ and ‘Toy Story 3,’ is making his feature directing debut with the animated film.

The move is seen as an affirmation of Snake Eyes, the studio’s relaunch of the G.I. Joe franchise that sees the actor topline the upcoming spinoff.

Snake Eyes is currently slated for an October 23, 2020 release, though the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could change those plans.

Carlos Baena, a Pixar animator who worked on Wall-E and Toy Story 3, is making his feature directing debut with Apprentice.

Sandra Rabins and Jane Startz are producing. Raman Hui and Kane Lee are exec producing.

Published by HarperCollins in 2003, the book told of a boy in San Francisco who meets a shape-shifting talking tiger named Mr. Hu and under his tutelage and protection is introduced into a magical world that includes an ancient phoenix, a dragon and a clan of evil-doers.  Golding will voice the tiger.

Davig Magee (Life of Pi), Harry Cripps and Kyle Jarrow worked on the script, which adapts the first book. Tiger’s Blood and Tiger Magic were the other titles in the trilogy that was steeped in the mythology of the Chinese Zodiac.

Paramount has set a February 11, 2022, release date for the feature.