Going Gay (1933): Carmine Gallone’s British Musical Film, Starring Arthur Riscoe, Naunton Wayne, Magda Schneider (Romy’s Mother)

Prolific filmmaker Carmine Gallone directed Going Gay, a British musical film, starring Arthur Riscoe, Naunton Wayne and Magda Schneider (Romy’s mother).

English friends in Vienna are rivals in love for a lady singer, but both unite in their attempts to make her star of the opera.

It was made at British and Dominion’s Elstree Studios.

The film was followed by a sequel For Love of You, also released the same year.

Arthur Riscoe as Jack
Naunton Wayne as Jim
Magda Schneider as Grete, a Viennese Girl
Ruth Maitland as Mother
Victor Fairley as Grete’s Father
Richard Wydler as Grete’s Brother
Brenda Senton as Grete’s Sister
Wilfred Noy as Director of Opera Falkenheim
Grete Natzler as Director of Opera’s Daughter
Joe Hayman as Impresario
Bertha Belmore as Masculine Lady at Table Ten