Gay Cinema: N–LGBTQ Films (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer)

N: List of LGBTQ+ Films whose titles begin with N

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (or Questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity).

These films are gay, explicitly or implicitly, in their texts, subtexts, performers, and target audiences.

Some films are explicitly gay because their plot is gay-themed (coming out, for instance) or they contain at least one gay character (open or latent about his/her sexuality).

Other films are perceived as gay due to their sensibility and sense of humor (gay camp) and the fact that they are embraced by mostly gay viewers who see gay or camp qualities in them that straight viewers might not.

Still others acquire a more overt gay meaning when it is revealed that their performers are or were gay, as is the case of Vincent Price, George Sanders, Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, Ian McKellen.

Updated: July 2019

Select films whose titles begin with N

Nachbarinnen (Wanted!), Germany (2004)
Naissance des Pieuvres (Water Lilies), France (2007)
Naked Boys Singing!, US (2007)
Naked Civil Servant, The, UK (1975)
Naked Killer, Hong Kong (1992)
Naked Lunch, Canada/UK/Japan (1991)
När alla vet (Sebastian), Norway/Sweden (1995)
Nate and Margaret, US (2012)
Natural Woman, Japan (1994)
The Nature of Nicholas, Canada (2002)
Navarasa (India (2005)
Nés en 68 (Born in 1968, France (2008)
Never Met Picasso, US (1996)
The New Tenants, Denmark/US (2009)
Newcastle, Australia (2008)
The Next Best Thing, US (2000)
Next Stop, Greenwich Village, US (1976)
Next Year in Jerusalem, US (1997)
Nico and Dani (Krámpack), Spain (2000)
Night Flight, South Korea (2014)
The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me, US (2000)
The Night Listener, US (2006)
Night of the Iguana, The, US/Mexico (1964)
Night Out, Australia (1989)
Night Porter, The, Italy (1974)
Night Scene, China (2003)
Nighthawks, UK (1978)
Nights in Black Leather, US (1973)
Nightstand, UK (2015)
Nightswimming, UK (2010)
Nijinsky, US (1980)
Nil Nirjane (Vacation Blues), India (2003)
Nina’s Heavenly Delights, UK (2006)
Nitrate Kisses, US (1992)
No Night Is Too Long, UK/Canada (2002)
No One Sleeps, Germany (2000)
No Ordinary Love, US (1994)
No se lo digas a nadie (Don’t Tell Anyone), Peru/Spain (1998)
No Skin Off My Ass, Canada (1991)
No Regret, South Korea (2006)
No Way Out (Walang Kawala), Philippines (2008)
Noah’s Arc: Jumping The Broom, US (2008)
Noah’s Arc: The Short Film, US (2004)
Nonsense Revolution, Canada (2008)
North Sea Texas (Noordzee, Texas), Belgium (2011)
Norma Jean & Marilyn, US/UK (1996)
Normal, US (2003)
The Normal Heart, US (2014)
Norman, Is That You?, US (1976)
Not Love, Just Frenzy (Más que amor, frenesí), Spain (1996)
Notes on a Scandal, UK (2006)
Notorious C.H.O., US (2002)
Notre Paradis (Our Paradise), France (2011)
November Moon (Novembermond), Germany (1985)
November Sun, US (2007)
Nowhere, US (1997)
Nymphomaniac, Denmark (2013)