Food and Country: Docu about the State of America’s Food System in Post-COVID 19 Era

A Docu about the Precarious State of America’s Food System

Filmmaker Laura Gabbert partners with celebrated food writer Ruth Reichl to explore the impact of the COVID pandemic on America’s small farmers and independent restaurants.

Renowned food writer and chef Ruth Reichl rose to professional success as the restaurant critic for the Los Angeles Times and New York Times. She then moved on to become Gourmet magazine’s editor-in-chief, prior to the venerable publication’s demise. Along the way there have been high-profile stints in broadcasting and several James Beard Foundation awards.

When the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic shuts down restaurants nationwide, there was not much to write about. But Reichl’s interests have been broader than just fine food, including history, sustainability and social justice.

Laura Gabbert, director of 2015 culinary adventure City of Gold and eco-doc No Impact Man (2009), meets up with Reichl in early 2020 as they begin a collaboration to evaluate the precarious state of America’s small farmers and independent restaurants, suddenly confronted by a series of COVID-related catastrophes.