Film Theory: Innovation (Experimentation) Vs. Adaptation

March 13, 2022

“People, not their eyes, see. Cameras, and eye-balls, are blind.”

Norwood R. Hanson, Patterns of Discovery. NY: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1958, p. 6.

Hanson (philosopher of science)

Invention in cinema is just as important as convention.

Robert Carringer:

The one thing as much feared in Hollywood as a runaway budget was radical innovation.

It worked against Orson Welles

However, Hollywood mode of production was not the uniformly conservative institution that is described by most historians.

Film noir was an aberration.

However, in the interest of novelty, Hollywood encouraged limited technical and formal experimentation.

Filmmaking, like most art forms, evolves by working within parameters, which are defined by that which is popular and by that which is acceptable.

Cinema Movements–Duration (Innovation)

Cook, 382

Innovative movements in cinema usually last for a brief span of time

Innovation in an art form whose medium is photographic reproduction is bound to be short-lived

It also produces its own reaction or counter-reaction rapidly.